The Titanic 'Switch' Theory; Exposed

John Hamer - The Falsification of History

Former IT worker John Hamer has been recycling
debunked 'switch' myths in recent years.

John Hamer has become the latest proponent of the Titanic 'switch' theory that alleges the Titanic was switched with her older sister ship the Olympic in an elaborate insurance scam. Although this theory has been widely debunked by historians, scientists, researchers and authors, due to its illogical premise and lack of evidence (even books on conspiracy theories label it 'unlikely'), Hamer's presentations frequently reappear online with many not realising he is peddling misleading and ultimately false claims that have already been debunked.

Who is he?

According to his Lulu biography "John Hamer lives in a small Pennine village in ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ country in rural Yorkshire, England. He is a geo-political researcher, speaker and author. He spent the majority of his working life in the IT industry but eventually ‘saw the light’ and escaped from the stifling confines of the corporate world in 2002 in order to expand his horizons." (

On his website he describes himself as "a full-time geopolitical researcher and author since 2001. In fact ever since the events of 9/11 which really awakened me to the realities of what was happening in the world at large." ( During a 2016 presentation entitled "The Titanic Conspiracy - The Great Deception" he mentioned he has spent 10 years in research and doesn't have a job because "I'm a full-time researcher."

Former IT worker John Hamer has been recycling
debunked 'switch' myths in recent years.

Inspired by the 9/11 conspiracy, it is perhaps not surprising he subsequently became an author of several conspiracy books with titles such as "JFK – A Very British Coup: The Definitive Truth of the Assassination," "Behind the Curtain: A Chilling Exposé of the Banking Industry" and "The Falsification of History: Our Distorted Reality." More recently he has a new book entitled "The Falsification of Science."

On his website, entitled "The Falsification of History", there are blogs on common conspiracy themes including Bill Gates ("The Gates of Hell"), Princess Diana ("Princess Diana was Jewish") banking conspiracies ("The Banksters Strike Again!") and more alarmingly, anti-vaccine ideology ("The Covid Psy-Op and How to Fight Back") in which he advocates "absolute and total non-compliance and non-violent defiance of the current rules." (

But it is his theories about the Titanic for which he has become increasingly well known, with two books, a 2012 documentary ("Titanic: The Great Deception") and several YouTube presentations and audio podcast appearances that frequently do the rounds. His first book, entitled "RMS Olympic" (2013) was followed up by a fictional account entitled "Titanic's Last Secret" (2015).

His power-point presentations are often found on YouTube channels such as "Chaine1". These channels also contain similar conspiracy themed videos on "beating the banksters, "Flat Earth clues" and "Born to an illuminati family."

Basic issues

Almost all of his information is based upon the work of the late Robin Gardiner, and Gardiner's book which introduced the 'switch' theory to the masses: "The Riddle of the Titanic" (1996). Of course, as this website has already shown in some detail, the claims made by Gardiner were thoroughly debunked decades ago.

For example, check here for evidence that proves the ships were not switched. Or here for answers to the many false or inaccurate claims made, many of which John Hamer continues to use despite being debunked.

And of course the key issue is that Hamer does not present any actual, tangible evidence to prove a 'switch'. Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence, but Hamer fails to provide anything other than claims which have already been debunked. He fails to show documents, photographs or named testimony that prove a 'switch'.

It could be argued that Hamer's claims date back to 2012 and that in the years after he surely would have realised the errors of his claims. However, as recently as May 2021 he was still peddling the same false claims that have already been widely debunked. Hence the need for this article.

His "sources"

The key issue with all of the Titanic conspiracy claims Hamer makes is the complete lack of transparency in regards to the alleged sources of his claims, as you will see in the claims fact checked below. However in a recent podcast he did reveal some of his "sources":

Hamer: "I researched this story for three years between the years of 2010 and 2013. … I looked at the transcripts of the inquiries there. There were two inquiries. The US inquiry which came first and British inquiry which came second….Obviously the Internet is a good source." (General Knowledge Podcast BONUS CONTENT SHOW Teaser 5 - The Titanic Conspiracy, May 13, 2021)

It is interesting that he names the Inquiries first. Actually the full, searchable transcripts to the two inquiries have been freely available to anyone online and have been for several decades: They are frequently read and referred to by authors and historians for many years. As for admitting that the Internet is a "good source" few serious researchers would name the Internet per se a "good source." While it provides access to potentially good sources (such as newspaper archives) it is also full of misinformation and is notably the domain of unchecked conspiracy theories. So perhaps it is unsurprising that he names 'the Internet' one of this top sources.

Hamer: "I've spoken to quite a few people who've been obliquely involved in it. For example, I spoke to Bertie Lightoller, who was second officer, the most senior surviving officer. I spoke to his nephew and he had some interesting titbits to tell me about various different things. That didn't quite follow the official narrative." (General Knowledge Podcast BONUS CONTENT SHOW Teaser 5 - The Titanic Conspiracy, May 13, 2021)

Valentine Palmer pictured with his book cover, depicting the incorrect photograph often used as that of Lightoller.

Hamer does not name Second Officer Lightoller's "nephew" but he is actually actor and voice coach Valentine Palmer who published a book in 2012 claiming to be Lightoller's "grand nephew" entitled "Titanic... and the Strange Case of Great Uncle Bertie." From the offset there are major issues with this book - the front cover uses the name "Bertie" although this was a mostly fictional name used on the 1958 film A Night to Remember. Lightoller's real wife, Sylvia, when interviewed by the Chorley Guardian, Friday 18th July 1958 said in regards to her husband's portrayal in the film "A Night to Remember": ''I am supposed to have called him 'Bertie', she said. ''I never did any such thing and certainly he would have been astounded, had I done so!'' It is also of note that Lightoller's colleagues nicknamed him "Lights."

Perhaps worse, the picture on the cover of Palmer's book is not that of Charles Herbert Lightoller, but Third Officer Henry O. Cater of the Olympic. The mistaken image is due to a picture of RMS Olympic's officers being frequently mistaken for Titanic (more information check this article here). Ultimately Palmer's book claims without evidence that Lightoller was involved in the 'switch' conspiracy, with Palmer simply regurgitating 'switch' myths that had previously been exposed.

Essentially, by Hamer having Palmer as a source, he is revealing that he is using a fellow conspiracy theorist as a "reference" - not only that but one of dubious connection and even more dubious accuracy.

John Hamer's 'Switch' Claims Fact Checked:

Quick access menu to Hamer's claims:

1. HMS Hawke Collision
2. Insurance "write-off"
3. Differences between the sisters
4. Changing the "name plates"
5. Workers "silenced"
6. Short Sea trials
7. "Transit" crew and Coal strike
8. JP Morgan cancellation
9. The Californian and "3000 woollen blankets"
10. Californian stopped
11. Emergency lifeboat not damaged
12. Ice on the decks from wireless aerial
13. Walter Lord was Ex-CIA
14. One third of Olympic's plates replaced
15. Olympic used Titanic's starboard propeller
16. Decision for switch made shortly after Titanic's completion
17. Switch an easy proceedure
18. Difference in portholes
19. Not open to the public
20. Harland & Wolff workers evidence
21. Federal Reserve Conspiracy
22. Coal strike
23. Chief Officer Wilde letter
24. Titanic sailed half full
25. Califorian had no passengers and woollen sweaters/blankets
26. Titanic's insurance increased the week before
27. Ismay's cabin fireplace
28. Longitudinal keel braces in the wreck
29. Grey undercoat on the wreck
30. Letters M and P are visible on the wreck

1. HMS Hawke Collision

RMS Olympic after the collision
with HMS Hawke.

Hamer's claim:
"Olympic was involved in a massive high speed collision with the British Navy Cruiser, which is called HMS Hawke… Her right side hit her amidships, and you know inflicted considerable damage... But once they got her back in drydocking Belfast, it was realised that she was in far worse shape than was originally thought so she was out of action for quite a few months, which obviously hit Morgan him very hard in his pocket indeed… So White Star was not only losing massive amounts of revenue, which was needed to keep the company afloat, but she was now liable for all the insurance payout, so she was liable for many millions of pounds worth of expenses for repairs to both ships. Amongst many other relatively minor issues or the major problem with the Olympic's keel sounds to be bent and distorted out of shape." (General Knowledge Podcast BONUS CONTENT SHOW Teaser 5 - The Titanic Conspiracy, May 13, 2021)

It was not a "massive high speed collision" - the Hawke was travelling at "about 8 knots" at the time of collision. Additionally, the Olympic was not "out of action for quite a few months". Actually it was 44 days that she was in Belfast for repairs - October 7th 1911 to November 20th 1911. Also his description of the collision ("her right side hit her amidships") is confusing and incorrect. The Hawke's ram actually struck the Olympic's "right side" (starboard side) but not "amidships" (which indicates the middle of the ship) but the collision was clearly starboard aft (towards the rear of the ship). This is an example of the level of exaggeration and inaccuracy of statement Hamer uses throughout his claims.

The damage to the Olympic was not "far worse shape" as Gardiner and Hamer falsely claim, especially considering that Hawke was fitted with a ram designed to inflict the most damage. In reality, the surveyors’ testimonies reveal that the Hawke's "ram has not shown itself to be a very powerful weapon of offence." More information here

The "Olympic's keel sounds to be bent and distorted out of shape." is false. Harry Roscoe a consulting naval architect makes no mention of any damage to the keel, with penetration only 6 to 8 feet. To reach the keel, the Hawke would need to penetrate forty-five feet in, and thirty feet below where the Hawke hit the Olympic. More information here

The Olympic Class ships were actually financed through UK money, not "Morgan" (or US money) as Hamer claims and the White Star Line at the time of the Hawke collision was financially doing well. The company’s surplus on the profit and loss account had risen from $48,585 in 1910 to $821,062 in the year ending December 31st 1911, so Hamer's claim about keeping the company "afloat" is incorrect. More information here

2. Insurance "write-off"

Hamer's claim:
"White Star now realized that Olympic was damaged beyond economic repair and even more significantly that she was now uninsurable. Therefore, she was an insurance write off and White Star Line had no option but to declare her officially as a wreck. Now this is a very significant point. She was actually declared a wreck.." (General Knowledge Podcast BONUS CONTENT SHOW Teaser 5 - The Titanic Conspiracy, May 13, 2021)

Actually the White Star self-insured their own ships as a matter of policy, something that Hamer wilfully overlooks and which sinks the entire 'switch' theory at the outset. As a result Titanic was under-insured by $2.5million - equivalent to $70 million in 2021 money.Check here for more information.

The damage did not exceed $125,000 which the White Star Line could easily afford. In truth the company had experienced its highest profits during the 1911 financial year of just in excess of $1 million. For more information check here for further information.

There is no evidence that the Olympic was ever 'declared officially a wreck'. This seems to be either based on some confusion over terminology or a deliberate piece of misinformation. The most substantial clue is the fact that the collision occurred on 20th of September, 1911 and yet by the 23rd of November 1911, she was back in Southampton preparing for her next voyage. How could a vessel 'officially declared a wreck' be sailing again without causing a huge amount of suspicion?

Page 4 of the 16th of April 1912 edition of The Washington Times
clearly shows Titanic was unquestionably under-insured.
(Click to enlarge)

3. Differences between the sisters

Hamer's claim:
"So they actually worked on both ships, making changes to them piece meal to the main differences between the two ships. Which weren't great. There were some minor differences."." (General Knowledge Podcast BONUS CONTENT SHOW Teaser 5 - The Titanic Conspiracy, May 13, 2021)

It is simply false (and naive) to believe the differences between two ships "weren't great... There were some minor differences." In reality, there were numerous differences, many structural, that meant any switch would have been a huge, extensive, time consuming and not to mention very expensive undertaking. A list of at least 30 substantial differences are listed here.

Hamer of course neglects to mention that the Olympic and Titanic were also identified by builder's yard numbers - 400 and 401 respectively, which were engraved on everything from tools to wall panels, all of which would have to be swapped from both ships, a massive and highly complex operation considering even large machinery in the engine room had these numbers engraved into them.

4. Changing the "name plates"

Hamer's claim:
"And all they have to change at this point were the lifeboats which have the names of the ships. The menus which also had the names of the ships on the letter heads and of course the nameplates on the ships. Now this was accomplished in one weekend.." (General Knowledge Podcast BONUS CONTENT SHOW Teaser 5 - The Titanic Conspiracy, May 13, 2021)

It is very naïve to believe that the only items that required replacing were those with Titanic's name on it. As previously mentioned, the builders numbered items specific to each ship. Regardless, the Olympic and Titanic did not have "nameplates." The outline of each letter of their name was incised into the hull, and then painted in with a golden/yellow shade. This was standard White Star Line practice. Hamer of course does not mention the difficulty in changing the shell-plating at the bow and stern which bore the ships’ names - the names were not just painted on the plates, they were cut into the plates in letters four feet high and one-half inch deep that were then filled in with paint.

Hamer also does not discuss that, if true, how the opposite ALSO had to be done to the Olympic -removing everything with her name on it (lifeboats, menus etc) without anybody noticing, not to mention changing her structure as well. A huge and very complex job - of which there is zero evidence - no testimony, no documentation, no photographs and ultimately no evidence of a coverup.

5. Workers "silenced"

Hamer's claim:
"So then on one final weekend, the last changes were made and they actually hired a trusted crew of about 15 men who were paid £100.00 each. But were also threatened with loss of livelihood etc in the event of them coming clean to the media or whatever, not that the media would have listened.." (General Knowledge Podcast BONUS CONTENT SHOW Teaser 5 - The Titanic Conspiracy, May 13, 2021)

Hamer does not state the sources of this story. He does not provide any names, testimony or documentation of this claim. But it is noticeaible that the sum of £100 was a large sum of money in 1912. According to the Bank of England inflation calculator ( £100 in 1912 would equal £11,681 in 2020! Making this a preposterous claim clearly based on uneducated exaggeration. And in the absence of sources and evidence it must be treated as conspiracy fiction.

Hamer also fails to mention that actually up to 15,000 workers helped build Titanic in Harland & Wolff in Belfast. How were these also kept silent, considering they would quickly see what was happening due to the massive amount of work and time required to make a 'switch'? The number of structural changes alone could could not be achieved by 15 men on the 'quiet'.

Workers leaving Olympic at the end of a day's shift sometime around April 1911.
(Jonathan Smith/Museums of Northern Ireland)

6. Short Sea trials

Hamer's claim:
"So Interestingly, Titanic sea trials lasted two hours and just involved a very short trip down the River into Belfast Lock and there were no significant tests whatsoever except the kind of things that had to be performed - turning circles. Stopping distance is just kind of suppose you know, similar to a driving test. ." (General Knowledge Podcast BONUS CONTENT SHOW Teaser 5 - The Titanic Conspiracy, May 13, 2021)

It is false that Titanic's seal trials "lasted two hours." Fifth Officer Lowe said the trials lasted about 5 hours while Third Officer Pitman testified at the Senate Inquiry that they actually lasted "about eight hours." Hamer of course does not mention why Titanic's test was shorter than the Olympic's; they were cut short for several good reasons. Firstly, they had been postponed for a day due to bad weather. Secondly, there was a rush to get the ship to Southampton to begin provisioning for the maiden voyage. Thirdly, the characteristics of the Olympic were already known so there was less of a learning curve to deal with. The Titanic was carefully inspected nearly every day during her construction and again after arriving in Southampton. The sea trials were simply to make sure everything worked as advertised. And if you read the testimony of the surviving officers, it is soon apparent that it involved far more than turning circles and stopping - the lifesaving equipment was also thoroughly inspected.

7. "Transit" crew and Coal strike

Hamer's claim:
"The transit crew. These are the guys who were responsible for taking the liner from Belfast down to Southampton to begin its maiden voyage. None of those crew signed on for the actual voyage. You know this is hundreds of people we're talking about, not just one or two. This is hundreds of guys, stokers and engineers and all that.. They were offered the chance to sign on for the maiden voyage, but en masse they decided not to do it now…There's been a coal strike in the UK. That lasted six weeks, so all seamen were out of work. There were no ships crossing the Atlantic. Passengers were clamoring for births on ships... Only 2 signed on for the maiden voyage. Now that begs the question what on Earth did they know... Both of those guys jump ship at Queenstown. So not a single one of the transit crew across the Atlantic, not a single one of the transit groups on board." (General Knowledge Podcast BONUS CONTENT SHOW Teaser 5 - The Titanic Conspiracy, May 13, 2021)

Actually the "transit" crew were local operators (or "runners") who simply would not be interested in a long haul transatlantic voyage when their bread and butter was the short haul local crossings. Even so, if indeed "hundreds" of them refused to stay aboard the ship then where is the document testimony of that? Of course there is nothing. There is nothing suspicious here. As for the coal strike, actually it ended four days before Titanic sailed (April 6) so there would be an increase in opportunities for shorter crossings. More information here.

8. JP Morgan cancellation

John Pierpont Morgan

Hamer's claim:
"And interestingly, JP Morgan was due to sail on the ship and he cancelled at the very last minute. As well as 50 of his friends and colleagues, they also cancelled their passengers at the last minute." (General Knowledge Podcast BONUS CONTENT SHOW Teaser 5 - The Titanic Conspiracy, May 13, 2021)

JP Morgan cancelling "at the last minute" is an urban myth - Morgan had no intention of travelling aboard Titanic as it was his custom to return from Europe much later than April, and in the case of 1912 was scheduled to be in Venice on the 23rd of April so would definitely not have taken Titanic back to the States as that would not allow him time to return. More information here. Note: Hamer even misquotes his own conspiracy mythology when he states that it was "50 of his friends and colleagues"

9. The Californian and "3000 woollen blankets"

Hamer's claim:
"A ship called the Californian….Had departed for New York from London in the midst of this nationwide coal strike and coal shortage… the Californian was part of the Red Star line, which was a sister company to the White Star Line. And this was also owned by JP Morgan… Californian departed London with no passengers…. The only cargo that California carried was 3000 woollen sweaters. And 3000 woollen blankets.." (General Knowledge Podcast BONUS CONTENT SHOW Teaser 5 - The Titanic Conspiracy, May 13, 2021)

The Californian was actually a Leyland Line ship - not Red Star Line. As for "no passengers" this should not be surprising as the Californian was primarily a freighter, as evidenced by her massive bunkers. There was also room for passengers - but only up to 47.

As for the absurd claim she was carrying woollen sweaters and blankets while the Californian was primarily designed to transport cotton. There is absolutely no evidence that she had a cargo of "3000 woollen sweaters. And 3000 woollen blankets." The reality is that the Californian's cargo manifest does not exist. To prove this claim, a manifest needs to be presented. Hamer is actually repeating conspiracy folklore for which there is no documented evidence, only rumour.

10. Californian stopped

Hamer's claim:
"And Californian arrived... And she just remained there... at the US inquiry, three individual experienced Atlantic Sea captains testified that it was not usual practice to stop in icefields. In fact, just precisely the opposite. It was common practice to just go through at normal speed, full speed if necessary, because icebergs were completely visible from miles and miles away.." (General Knowledge Podcast BONUS CONTENT SHOW Teaser 5 - The Titanic Conspiracy, May 13, 2021)

Hamer once again deliberately omits a critical piece of information - the Californian had stopped because it had encountered a large ice field at 22:20 ship's time and Captain Lord decided to stop the ship and wait until morning before proceeding further. As stated in the British inquiry "she was obliged to stop and reverse engines because she was running into field ice, which stretched as far as could then be seen to the northward and southward."

11. Emergency lifeboat not damaged

Hamer's claim:
"On Titanic, well on all ships, the foremost two lifeboats are always… hung out over the edge of the ship…. So now if Titanic had grazed this iceberg as the official story goes, then you know this thing probably will have weighed in excess of 1,000,000 tons. You know, then, that starboard lifeboat would at the very least have been dislodged and at the very worst totally destroyed because it was actually hanging out over the side of the ship…. .." (General Knowledge Podcast BONUS CONTENT SHOW Teaser 5 - The Titanic Conspiracy, May 13, 2021)

Hamer is refering to the emergency cutters, lifeboat numbers 1 and 2 on the port and starboard side respectively. These were indeed swung out in readiness for being lowered in a case of an emegency. What Hamer neglects to mention is that these were not always fully swung out - there are dozens of photographs showing the Titanic and Olympic with her cutters only partially swung out and/or stowed inward aboard the boat deck, all depending on whether the captain felt it necessary or not at that particular section of the voyage. Nevertheless, even if they were fully swung out (which is unlikely), the shape of the iceberg would of course determine whether it would strike the lifeboat or not. The icerberg was likely, according to eyewitnesses such as Fourth Officer Boxhall, as tall as the boat deck - but of course did not necessarily make contact with the entire height of the ship. The fact that lifeboat no.1 was undamaged simply means it was not struck by the iceberg due to the iceberg's shape and lack of phyical contact - as shown below in an artist's impression of the collision."

The fact that lifeboat no.1 was not damaged during the collision is not at all suspicious as shown in this artist's illustration, which shows iceberg contact up to B deck, (with ice falling on to the forward well deck) although the total height of the iceberg is likely above boat deck level.

12. Ice on the decks from wireless aerial

Hamer's claim:
"I don't dispute that there was ice on the deck, absolutely, but in order for it to come from an iceberg, the iceberg would have had to overhang the ship, isn't it?... but where did the ice come from then?... Well, my view is that this was a very cold night. OK, there was a lot. I know there was a lot of ice buildup on all the the building. You know the constructions on the deck. There was a huge radio antenna on Titanic, that stretches the entire length of the ship in the form of a long wire between two masts. OK, now it was a very cold night. As I said, temperature of below freezing. Now I think there was an ice buildup on there and the sudden thrusting into reverse of the engines, which is actually what happened, caused that ice to dislodge quite naturally and a lot of it fell on the deck and the stories of third class passengers playing soccer with it.." (General Knowledge Podcast BONUS CONTENT SHOW Teaser 5 - The Titanic Conspiracy, May 13, 2021)

Firstly, it must be realised that Hamer is trying to claim that there was no iceberg (hence no damage to lifeboat no.1, see above) as part of the conspiracy theory and so is attempting to explain why ice fell on the deck. However, the ice on the well deck quite simply fell onto the well deck during the collision, as portrayed in the artist impression above. The huge issue with Hamer's claim about ice coming from the wireless wires above is that it would not just fall on the well deck - it would have fallen the entire length of the ship, as these wires stretched from the forward mast to the aft mast. If this was the case (and ice forming on these wires when they had only just entered a region of ice sounds highly improbable) it would, most noticeably, have also fallen all over the boat deck and even on the aft well deck. And of course there is zero testimony of any passenger mentioning this strange occurence.

Hamer also claims that the engines were reversed. This was part of the accepted storyline for many years and included in James Cameron's 1997 film. However more recent research indicates that almost undoubtedly this command was never given for a range of key reasons. You can read more here.

13. Walter Lord was ex-CIA

Hamer's claim:
"Walter Lord, author of the book "A Night to Remember" was an "ex-CIA agent" and so "to cover it up and obscure the truth… 80% of it is utter hogwash." (The Titanic Conspiracy - The Great Deception, 2016)

During World War II, Lord was assigned to the Office of Strategic Services as a code clerk in London, in 1942. He was the agency's secretariat when the war ended in 1945. Afterwards, Lord returned to Yale, where he earned a degree in law and went on to be an advertising copywriter . There is nothing about him being a member of the CIA post war-time.

This is a classic example of conspiracy theorist misdirection, making a jump in logic and leading to an ultimately false claim. Hamer takes a morsel of truth - that Lord was in the secret services during World War 2 - as so-called "evidence", then elaborates on this fact with exaggeration - "he was an ex-CIA agent" who "covered up" the truth in his book with "80%" of it false. However he fails to show ANY example of a so-called cover up. If indeed Lord had used the book to "cover up" information and "80%" is demonstrably false, then why not use at least one example of where this is the case? The reality is that Lord's book was accurate for its time, but in the decades after its publication, further research and the discovery of the wreck has logically resulted in more accurate information coming to light.

At this point it is rather obvious that Hamer is either regurgitating old claims that have already been debunked, or inaccurately representing or indeed falsely presenting exaggeration and imagination as evidence. For the sake of brevity, here are some of the obvious claims he makes, in addition to those mentioned above, in his 2016 presentations that have been debunked:

• Hamer claims the Olympic's damaged plates were "replaced along 1/3rd of ships length" and also "steel struts to brace the keel" - there is simply no evidence of any of this.
• Hamer claims that the Olympic borrowed Titanic's starboard propeller during her repairs. This is highly unlikely. See here.

• Hamer claims the 'switch' decision was made "shortly after Titanic's completion" which is completely impossible as she was not completed until just before her scheduled sea trials on April 1st 1912 (work continued in Southampton right up to the day of her maiden voyage). There were only two occasions a 'switch' could have been possible and neither allows enough time to complete a switch - see here.
• Hamer claims a 'switch' would be a "simple procedure" - it would be anything but! See here

• Hamer falls into the classic trap of believing the difference in portholes is evidence of a 'switch.' It isn't. See here.
• Hamer claims the fact that Titanic was not opened to the public (unlike the Olympic) is evidence. But actually Titanic was open to the public albeit for a shorter time and with less fanfare than Olympic - but for logical reasons. See here.
• Hamer claims "much evidence from contemporary H&W workers descendants" but actually there is not one documented piece of testimony regarding a 'switch' - despite the overwhelming probabity that if a 'switch' did happen somebody would talk.

• Hamer falls into another huge conspiracy trap linking the 'switch' theory to a Federal Reserve theory that Guggenheim, Astor and Straus were all against the formation of the Federal Reserve. Actually, none of them were against it (Straus was actually in favour) and this theory has been debunked. Check here for more information. .

• Hamer claims there was a coal strike on so there should have been difficulty finding crew. Actually, the coal strike finished on the 6th of April 1912 - 4 days before Titanic departed on her maiden voyage. Much of the crew were only employed on the day of sailing, so there would be no issue.
• Hamer claims Chief Officer Wilde's letter to his sister about having a "queer feeling" about the ship is evidence. Actually this letter has been called into question as it has never been found, does not match his other letters and likely is just family legend. Check here for more information.
• Hamer claims that the Titanic sailed half full compared to the Olympic - actually when the Titanic sailed on her maiden voyage in April 1912, the number of passengers that she was carrying was very similar to the number that was booked onto Olympic for her maiden voyage the year before.

• Hamer's various claims about the Californian are either false or misleading. For example, she was a cargo ship, not a passenger ship, and there were indeed passengers aboard on this journey (there are photographs of the crew posing with passengers). More information here.
• Hamer repeats the false claim about the Californian's cargo - which is actually unknown. More information here.

• Hamer makes the false claim that Titanic's insurance was increased the week before the maiden voyage. There is no evidence of this and is conspiracy folklore created to supply a motive that is otherwise absent. More information here..

• Hamer shows how inaccurate his information is by stating - as seen in the screengrab above - that the Titanic was discovered in 1986. Actually it was discovered 1st September 1985.
• Hamer makes a claim regarding the marble in Ismay's cabin fireplace that has been debunked. In fact upon further investigation it actually proves it is indeed Titanic - more information here.
• Hamer claims there are longitudinal keel braces not in original blueprints but does not show evidence. There is no evidence of this - please see more information here.

• Hamer claims there is grey undercoat on the wreck proving it is the Olympic. Actually, this is not surprising as medium grey primer was used on all three Olympic class ships, including Titanic. More information here. .

• Hamer claims the letters M and P are visible on the wreck but uses a screengrab from a well known video that is clearly fake - even to the most casual, uninformed viewer it is dodgy computer animation. See the video and read more about why faking evidence like this actually proves how the 'switch' theory is a hoax by checking this information here.


At the end of his 2016 presentation, just prior to taking questions, Hamer self-consciously admitted "some of it might be a little bit stretched, some of it a bit tenuous." (The Titanic Conspiracy - The Great Deception, John Hamer, 2016). This is a curious statement to make at the end of a presentation - to admit that all is not as presented. Surely this disclaimer should have been stated at the outset?

Indeed, "The Falsification of History" and the tagline "our distorted reality" transpires to be a very apt name John Hamer uses in his work, as even a surface examination of his claims reveals a complete lack of accuracy, an overactive imagination and sadly in many cases, a fabrication of evidence that does not exist, obscured by unreferenced statements with unnamed sources. He also regurgitates almost all the classic conspiracy claims made by Robin Gardiner in the 1990s which have already been well and truly debunked.